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Alternative Fuel Harmful For Your Car?

People always have been under undue stress for the ever rising price of gasoline. For quite a long time, search for an alternative form of fuel to run automobiles has been on. If you are not aware of the latest automotive news, then this article is meant to congratulate you with the information of some recent development as a result of a great deal of research on part of the scientists.

“The best engineered”

Today it is a fact that you can use your tap water as an alternative to the petrol, diesel, or gasoline that you have so far been using as the fuel for your car. It certainly does not mean that you pour water instead of the oil in the gas tanks and start your car. Here, you have to remodel your car engine to suit the purpose and add a few other components along with water that will drive the car.

You need to add a small water tank or jar to your car if you need to run your car on water. We all know that water is a compound and it is made of hydrogen and oxygen. H2O or water turns into oxy-hydrogen gas or HHO after electrolysis. It means the compound changes after it gets electrified. The electricity is derived from the existing battery of your car. The oxyhydrogen gas is flammable and you need to channel the gas to the gas tank of your car.

This process will produce enough energy and you can run your car on the energy that comes from water. It saves a lot of your hard earned money that you spend as fuel charges. You need to make some slight modifications to the engine of your car because common engines cannot run on this system. Your car needs specially designed equipment to make use of this alternative fuel. Now, the question arises as to whether it is safe for your car to run on waterpower. You would perhaps also like to know about the advantages and disadvantages once you start running your car on waterpower.

People think that the new alternative system may harm their car. When they convert a car that is made to run on gasoline to a car that runs on water, it is natural that many people will have a rather edgy feeling about the entire proposition. Experts however, have something very different to say about this new innovation. They are of the opinion that such an alternative system does not cause any harm to the car.

Even if there is any harm, it is of a very small intensity and leaves the car without any serious negative impact. The technology that is used for this purpose is not at all harmful. It actually uses electricity to break down water into oxygen and hydrogen atoms and form the inflammable oxy-hydrogen gas and uses external devices to produce the energy. Therefore, it will never have damaging impact on the car.

One of the most important things about the system is that this alternative idea guarantees reversible service. If you do not feel comfortable with this service, you can always get back to the previous stage at anytime that you want. The entire system is quite simple and the service providers will teach you how to protect your car from any type of hazard that may be caused if you use the car that runs on the latest water technology.

Innovative Design For Those Who Are Driven

BMW will tell you it isn’t so, but the new 3 Series is the start of a softening of Chris Bangle’s most angular design language. The car you see is not an evolution of an existing car but a ground up model, an energetic attempt to re-invent the most popular BMW model with unarguably good looks that match its top class driving dynamics.

The first thing you notice is that the car has dropped the current teardrop headlamps and done away with the aircraft carrier trunk lid. Next to go are the cut lines and the aggressive mix of concave and convex panels. It’s still recognizably a BMW though. The big news underneath is the new multitude independent suspension (borrowed from the 5 series) is designed to combine unrivalled ride comfort, with taut handling. On top of that you can expect Dynamic Drive (that’s adjustable anti-roll bars), Active Steering(TM), and a four wheel drive system as options. The fifth generation BMW 3 Series superstar shines brighter than the predecessor with a torque loving, direct injection, and environmentally conscious engine. (Don’t rule out a hybrid just yet – by 2009 BMW’s partnership with DaimlerChrysler and GM will have born a fruit, enabling the Germans to catch up with Lexus.) Additionally, the new 3 Series features increased passenger room and enhanced safety features.

Step inside the cabin of the 2006 BMW 3 Series, you’ll find the interior has an instinctive feel to it; every switch and readout is ergonomically placed for a reason, where you will look for it. The surrounding materials are made from high quality wood, leather and plastics enhancing the appeal of this sports machine. The seats offer ample support to the lower back and thigh while enhancing the body’s disposition for spirited driving. And the intuitively placed center display rewards the enthusiast spirit by enabling the driver to easily read every dial and be in touch with the engine.

Turn the key and put the car in gear, you’ll find the car engineered to move. The smooth delivery of speed is exhilarating. The engine pulls like a conditioned sprinter all the way up to its 6800 redline. The real joy is experiencing the sound of the engine. The loud, visceral scream is clean and mechanical, distinct from any muffler or aftermarket accessory. Additionally, the optional Active Steering(TM) reduces steering inputs at high speed and increases inputs at low speeds, enhancing the overall tactile responsiveness of the car. The 2006 BMW 3 Series features the first magnesium block engine to reduce engine weight. The new inline six-cylinder produces 215 horsepower in the 325; and 255 horsepower in the 330i. Linear velocity is smooth due to BMW’s revolutionary Valvetronic(TM) system that helps the engine breathe more efficiently even at low RPMs. To experience more fully, simply find an open road and press the accelerator.

In terms of handling and cornering, the 2006 BMW 3 Series also features a perfect 50:50 front to rear weight distribution, making it extremely responsive in turns and at the limits. The rear wheels provide the thrust while the front steers the vehicle with exceptional feedback. The new suspension with double-joint aluminum control arms in front and a five-link fully independent system in the rear is borrowed from the larger 5 Series. Additionally, the new 3 Series also features BMW’s most sophisticated Dynamic Stability Control(TM) with more sensors to monitor and enhance the ride.

For those of you who prefer the stick shift, the 2006 BMW 3 Series transmission and gears have also been refined; a six speed manual, an optional six speed automatic, or the six speed electro-hydraulic Sequential Manual Gearbox(TM) (SMG) are three very promising choices. The SMG is a manual with no clutch pedal, a welcome relief for the enthusiast drivers who prefers sporty shifting but dislikes using the clutch in toe-to toe traffic.

Additionally, the 2006 3 Series builds on BMW’s lineage on passive and active safety by adding advanced, intelligent safety systems. The passive safety begins with BMW’s rigid “safety cage” that surrounds the occupant with deformable energy absorbing tubes. In case of an extreme crash, impact energy is absorbed and routed around the passenger cabin. Sensors throughout the car measure crash severity and deploy airbags as needed. Six airbags are on hand to shield occupants from harm, two in front and the rest as part of the side curtain that protects from the A-pillar in front to the C-pillar at rear. All BMW 3s are also equipped with Dynamic Brake Control(TM) which is designed to help you stop more quickly during emergency braking. Brake sensors determine how forcefully you step on the brake pedal and apply maximum braking power to stop the car if needed.

As BMW’s most successful model, the 3 Series was first introduced in 1977, and now accounts for 40 percent of all sales worldwide. Gradually, the car has formed a loyal following. To meet enthusiast driver’s individualistic needs, the 2006 3 Series is available in nine iterations: 325i sedan, 325xi sedan, 325Ci coupe, 325Ci convertible, 325xi sports wagon, 330i sedan, 330xi sedan, 330Ci coupe and the 330Ci convertible, with MSRP ranging from $30,900 to $44,900. Although not available as a Hybrid yet, the 2006 BMW 3 Series averages 20 mpg city, 30 mpg highway to successfully reinvent a top automotive performer.

Boosting Power Through Car

There are several innovative ways to upgrade your car’s performance in both the small and larger parts of your car. Car tuning can take on the different aspects of your car which can individually contribute to improving and upgrading your car, not to mention the safety and durability that it provides.

In the area of fine engine tuning, car engines can be retrofitted with a performance chip to give it a special boost. It can be adaptable to engines in their fuel injection or electronic control unit systems. This performance chip can easily contribute to better performance of the regular engines by as much as 10 percent, and to turbo engines by as much as 30 horsepower. In car tuning, a performance cam could also be installed adding another 12 horsepower to your engine boost. The fuel pressure regulator can be replaced with a power boost valve in the return fuel line to likewise increase the power of your car.

With improvements in the driving power, you can also introduce additional modifications to its stopping power through brake performance tuning. Actually, it is recommended that you equip your car with an upgraded braking system before introducing car power modifications. Although it is not considered a performance upgrade, the braking system helps in the performance and safety of the car. In car tuning, a direct way to enhance braking is to fit your car with high performance brake pads and brake disks which can withstand extreme heat during extreme braking conditions better than regular pads and disks.

Air filter tuning is considered the simplest in car tuning tasks. Air filters and air filter elements can be substituted with high performance air filters for a special power boost in your engine performance. There is also the option of using an induction kit to improve air flow in a fuel-injection system instead of using the original air box. This kit features a conical filter that can be installed directly over the air flow gauge and lead the air better into the engine, which effectively upgrades the engine’s performance.

You can also improve your car’s performance by introducing enhancements to your exhaust system. The less impeded the exhaust fumes are in exiting the car, the better the performance of the same. Larger exhaust manifolds and pipes can make for better engine performance. Another key area in car tuning is the suspension system. The key to better performance is to create a low profile for your car by introducing low springs, lower profile wheels and tires, and shock absorbers. With a low profile the car has less difficulty in maneuvering and cornering.

There are countless tuning equipment and supplies which could aid you in your car tuning needs and these are available over the Internet. Automotive spare parts can likewise be canvassed online to make your endeavor easier and more convenient.

A Round Up On Toyota Cars For Sale

Toyota has achieved a new position by being the world’s second largest car manufacturers after General Motors. Toyota Kirloskar Motors was established in 1997 as a joint venture between Kirloskar Group and Toyota Motor Corporation with a striking desire to carve its niche in the Indian car market.

Since then, Toyota has come a long way in the Indian market. Tasting all heights of success, Toyota cars have truly won the hearts of many car consumers. Toyota’s innovative ideas combined with its high-tech car manufacturing techniques have reaped a large market share across the world. Some special characteristics of the Toyota car include:

· Technological Innovation:

Innovation drives the approach to each vehicle manufactured, and is the first philosophy of Toyota. This provides a strong platform which makes Toyota the world leader in technological research and development for each car, van and 4WD. These cars may improve the present day status of the automotive industry and further brighten the industry in years ahead. Unconventional ideas, proven marketing strategies and car testing in real-life conditions – these are the reasons behind the huge success of the brand.

· Quality Engines:

Toyota works for improving car engine technology every now and then with the changing pace of time and requirement. The company believes in producing the best of engines that make it an asset for the car owner. Toyota has designed a wide range of high quality and extremely well performing engines.

The unique Toyota engine advanced variable valve technology is renowned to deliver impressive performance, excellent fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. Common-rail turbo diesels (D-4D) and the Toyota Hybrid System (THS) are some other good examples of the best engines available in the Indian car market.

· Safety:

Safety has always been the top priority for this first-rate manufacturer. Toyota has introduced many innovative and advanced car safety features to ensure that both the driver and passengers are safe when commuting in these cars. These include advanced steering control, SRS airbags for collision protection, traction control, and anti-lock brakes amongst others. The body and chassis for each Toyota vehicle is designed in such a way that it absorbs the impact of collision and provides maximum protection.

Bosch Introduces Innovation

Bosch introduced its start/ stop technology back in 2007 and has since sold more than 1.5 million of the fuel-saving systems to car manufacturers across the world.

Most of the start-stop systems have been placed into vehicles that are equipped with manual transmissions and the Bosch Group recently began working with manufacturers such as Fiat, Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen.

The system has been particularly introduced in combination with existing engine technology and modified even further in the Volkswagen Passat, Porsche Panamera with dual-clutch transmission, Fiat 500 in combination with an automated manual transmission and in the sleek Audi A8 with torque converter clutch.

As Bosch points out, there are modifications for the automotive transmission application which include adjustments to the system’s electric starter motor and ECU modifications that help keep the individual car model fast and dynamic on the road.

Bosch claims that the start/stop system can reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 8% with an everyday driving usage and that the group spends more than 3.5 billion euros a year on research and development.

The innovative engineering giant applies to 3,800 patents across the world and prides itself on enhancing the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial in over 150 countries worldwide.

The company has also produced its 10 billionth spark-plug which makes the leading Bosch brand the world’s most fruitful manufacturer of spark plugs to date after having started over a century ago by manufacturing just a few hundred.

Automotive Advertising Agencies Prefer Marketing Platforms

In today’s struggling economy and consolidating auto industry consumers, auto dealers and their automotive advertising agencies are demanding more for less. Consumers want to spend less time and money shopping for a vehicle and auto dealers have directed their automotive advertising agencies to deliver more reach, frequency, impressions — and of course vehicles — for less money with less effort since auto dealer’s staff’s have been reduced along with their advertising budgets.

The first wave of solutions that satisfied consumers and auto dealers alike came with the growth of technology driven marketing applications that replicated proven real world selling processes to accommodate established consumer preferences. The Internet provided the efficient media required to effectively deliver the marketing message to a qualified consumer in a cost effective and scalable manner and several automotive advertising vendors developed applications that made the message more relevant and transparent for the consumer.

A prime example of how the virtual world was built on the real world was in the explosive growth of video in online automotive advertising. A generation of consumers that grew up with television quickly gravitated to video on the World Wide Web. The search engines adjusted their algorithms to accommodate them by weighting video over copy or pictures in their search results. SiSTeR Technologies pioneered the automated Video Walk A-Round industry in 2006 before the search engines and auto dealers recognized the preference by consumers for video when surfing the web to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. As a result, SiSTeR Technologies has earned a reputation as a dedicated, innovative and progressive provider of video for the auto industry. SiSTeR produces comprehensive video analytical reports and has demonstrated that auto dealers using its video applications enjoy increased conversion rates, more calls and lead submission exceeding 70%.

SiSTeR uses proprietary technology that creates an individual Video Walk A-Round for every vehicle in the dealers’ inventory using existing pictures, data and text. The production process is fully automated without placing any burden on the dealer. One of the most valued and unique features of their process is that every vehicle is described using a real human voice and the music and style of presentation are customized to fit the vehicle’s category.

Potential car buyers are served by the video clips presented through SiSTer’s proprietary 3DF player that is integrated with most web site providers and all of the major industry portals. Thanks to their 3DF technology, SiSTeR provides the auto dealer with valuable information to quantify their R.O.I. including vehicle comparisons and user behavior when they interact with the video.

Of equal importance to the auto dealer is the fact that the video clips are also uploaded to You Tube and indexed by Google. SiSTeR pioneered the video search engine in early 2008 as the first video provider for the automotive industry that integrated with You Tube. Today, vSEO has become an industry standard and SiSTeR was strategically positioned to take advantage by being the first to expand their application into a comprehensive platform that includes their professionally produced videos as well as a variety of complimentary products and services.

According to Israel Alpert, the C.E.O. of SiSTeR Technologies — Many providers are trying to follow but none of them has the depth of expertise and experience that is required to achieve top position on Google’s search result. We just introduced VidBrid — a revolutionary technology that merges the vehicle presentation and the dealers’ branding with full motion video inserts that are perfectly synchronized with the voice over. Our productions are not just boring picture stitching or infomercials that turn the audience away. Our VidBrid technology not only captures the user’s attention but it allows the dealer and the service provider to customize the production to fit every vehicle and style as well as to include the dealers’ messaging, services and special offerings within the video production. Differentiation is the key to successful marketing and SiSTeR has taken that wisdom to the next level. Auto dealers are no longer limited to the same cookie-cutter, one production fits all video to market their vehicles and their auto dealerships.

The true leverage of extending automotive advertising applications into platforms is realized when specialized platforms — such as SiSTeR Technologies Video Platform — merge with non-competing applications and/or platforms to enhance the solutions provided by both. SiSTeR has developed a national network of distinguished resellers, service providers and promoters that already have established platforms and/or applications. Their common goal is to expand their services to their auto dealer clients while improving the online shopping experience for consumers. Their expanding group of respected channel partners can point to direct engagement with large dealer groups. It has already earned them a pilot program with a major OEM which should be announced to the public at the 2010 NADA Convention scheduled in Orlando, February 13th though February 15th, 2010. With a combined network of over 600 sales people in the field supported by their philosophy and focus to stay on the cutting edge of video production and marketing to the auto industry they are recognized by many of their auto dealer clients as an innovative vendor partner who is extremely attentive to the auto dealer’s needs.

ecarlist is an automotive advertising vendor with a variety of applications that comprise a marketing platform of their own. ecarlist recognized the proprietary nature of SiSTeR’s video platform and they recently became their latest channel partner. Their new reseller relationship with SiSTeR Technologies will enhance both platforms and provide added value to their shared customers. ecarlist provides a comprehensive inventory management application and appraisal tool tied to internet sourced market data as well as web site designs and support services which will benefit by their integration of SiSTeR’s video platform.

I interviewed Len Critcher, the President of ecarlist, on my blog talk radio show, Automotive Advertising Experts, that aired on November 14th 2008. The new relationship between ecarlist and SiSTeR Technologies developed after the two companies recognized the value of combining their applications to better serve their auto dealer clients.

Len Critcher is a dealer principal of, a leading Internet dealership and CEO of, a dealership software company in Dallas, TX. For five years, has consistently sold over 1,000 vehicles per year exclusively through online marketing.

Critcher has been profiled in Forbes Magazine, CBS News, American Way, and the Dallas Business Journal for his work. He is often asked to consult dealerships on best practices in selling/marketing online. Critcher’s dealership is currently ranked #8 nationally of ‘pre-owned retailers’ by Auto Dealer Monthly.

ecarlist serves +/- 500 auto dealerships, including the largest Chevy dealership and the largest pre-owned Lexus dealership in the nation. They have been marketing their product for less than 2 years but they have recently expanded their offerings to include the following features and benefits;

Inventory Listing Management

ecarlist provides more than just inventory management capabilities. They are one of the most powerful listing tools available. ecarlist provides multiple ways to input inventory including feeds from a 3rd-party dealer service vendor, integration with an auto dealer’s legacy DMS, or vehicles can be entered manually making the process as painless and intuitive as possible.

Powered by Chrome Systems, one of the most powerful and accurate VIN decoders available, after the initial decode all auto dealers are required to input in most cases is the price, mileage and description (if desired). Their VIN decode even provides available OEM colors and options for that particular make and model. Total and seamless integration with both CARFAX and AutoCheck allow the option to choose the source of a vehicle’s history report, and ecarlist is one of the first platforms to provide a quick-view CARFAX Highlights summary directly from the vehicle’s inventory page. No more wasting time opening and reviewing CARFAX reports!

ecarlist’s description builder develops a seemingly-customized description about a vehicle without spending all of the extra time. Simply choose the categories to describe, click the check box by the respective description and finalize the arrangement of the descriptions. One of the things that make their description builder unique is the ability to save custom phrases and paragraphs-no more opening up word documents to copy/paste favorite openings or paragraphs. Simply type them once, save them to the ecarlist description builder and access them for all future listings. Their description builder will even update the year, make, model, price and mileage automatically into customized paragraphs, which will save even more time!

Auto Dealers can preview their ad and send their inventory to all of the major sites using some of the most recognizable and acclaimed templates available with just one click. If an auto dealer prefers a unique, or more customized template, or they feel that there are some better web sites that they would like to use to advertise their inventory, ecarlist will help them achieve what will work best for their dealership.

With ecarlist’s integrated, multi-site lead management system, auto dealers can view and reply to leads from many of the most popular marketing mediums directly from their ecarlist account. Auto dealers can choose to view leads based on date received or by vehicle. Even monitor all email communications in thread based formatting.

Email Lead Management

Their included E-mail Lead Management system also allows auto dealers to respond to customer questions, accept/reject/counter eBay Best Offers, and avoid unwanted spam e-mails, which will ensure that auto dealers only receive e-mails that pertain to their business.

Market Price Analysis

The days of only monitoring a competing dealer’s specials down the street are over. The dealership of today must understand the National marketplace and must buy/price their inventory accordingly. There is an old saying, profit is made on the buy, not the sale. With ecarlist’s integrated Market Analysis system — dealerships are better equipped during the buying stage as well as the marketing and pricing stages. Auto dealers can use ecarlist to assess trade values looking at many forms of data including Black Book and eBay Motors Market Data. Auto dealers can compare inventory with ‘real-time’ VIN matched vehicles selling online and see exactly what competitors are asking.

A new feature to be added to ecarlist in the near future is their Classified Market Analysis including Auto Trader and Also, improved inventory monitoring and inventory price alerts.

Free Inventory Export to Multiple Sites

From eBay Motors and AutoTrader, to and Edmunds, auto dealers can list their vehicles to all of the most popular online advertising platforms with just one click.

Free Window Sticker Creator

Auto Dealers can access customized window stickers and buyer’s guides, on demand, with their Window Sticker Creator. No more waiting for 3rd-party providers to put stickers on inventory, no more waiting for graphics companies to deliver stickers a week after they are ordered and no more paying someone else for something that auto dealers can do themselves for ¼ of the cost; simply click and print.

eBay LOCAL Integration

ecarlist is one of only a handful of eBay Motors Preferred Service Providers out of the 30,000+ vendors that eBay works with.

Free Craigslist Integration

Auto dealers can easily send all their inventory to one of the world’s largest free, online marketplaces. With more than 7 billion page views per month and an opportunity to selectively market vehicles in most of the country’s largest metropolitan areas for free, Craigslist is something auto dealers will definitely take advantage of. A full color ad, branded with dealership banners will ensure that vehicles get the attention they need from potential buyers.

AutoTrader Tag Line

The eCarList AutoTrader Tag Line, provides the ability to precede each ad with a customer, sales-person specific greeting, that should increase the likelihood that a potential customer knows who to ask for to eliminate confusion on the showroom floor.

Integrated Lease Quoting System

Auto Dealers can populate their ads with auto-generated lease quotes using generic, make-specific or franchise-specific lease criteria (money factors, residuals, terms, etc.). No more manually entering terms on the back-end, no more guessing what the lease payment might be-ecarlist does the work for the auto dealer.

DMS, CRM or Other 3rd-Party Integration

Duplicate entry, switching back-and-forth between various web pages, reconciling an auto dealer’s inventory and corresponding leads all take up valuable time that should be better spent selling vehicles and making money. That is why ecarlist works so diligently to provide integrations with all of the necessary sources that auto dealers utilize on a daily basis. However, ecarlist goes one step further by ensuring the data from/to these sources are seamlessly integrated into the auto dealer’s account, so the dealer can manage and access everything they need from ecarlist without compromising functionality or accuracy.

Manheim’s Online Vehicle Exchange (OVE) Integration

Lower transaction costs, guaranteed payment, exposure to a national audience of buying dealers…if an auto dealer wholesales any of their inventory, OVE is a necessity. ecarlist is proud to be one of the first 3rd-party partners of OVE by providing their auto dealers the ability to list and manage their vehicles directly to this new auction marketplace. All auto dealer clients need to get started is an eCarList account and their Manheim user-name and password.

24-Hour Technical Support

At ecarlist, customer support is paramount. From their technical support and sales representatives, to their executive officers, their goal is that virtually anyone and everyone on their team is accessible when their dealer clients need them most.

Customized “Framing” Upon Request

Framing is a great way to make ads stand out, establish an online image and preserve dealership-specific branding. Additionally, framing decreases the likelihood that a dealership’s ‘likeness’ or vehicle photos will be used in a fraudulent manner by making it difficult for individuals to steal photos without spending a prohibitive amount of time editing them for use as their own.

VIN Explosion Back-up

Although, ecarlist took great care when researching and partnering with the most robust and accurate VIN decode company available, no VIN decoder has 100% success decoding VIN’s. That is why ecarlist is the first, and to their knowledge, only company around that cares enough about their auto dealer client’s time and the accuracy of their listings to employ a back-up VIN decode system. In the event an auto dealer’s initial VIN decode fails, eCarList wil automatically generate a VIN decode request with their back-up VIN decode partner, VinPOWER.

The diverse and robust series of integrated applications that make up the ecarlist marketing platform provide a variety of solutions for the auto dealer clients of SiSTeR Technologies that SISTeR does not have the skills or resources to replicate. Similarly, ecarlist determined that the specialized skill sets of the SiSTeR development team and the extensive video platform that they have matured in the market represented a sufficient barrier to entry to deter ecarlist from trying to replicate their video solutions. The resulting integration of the complimentary applications/ platforms of the two automotive advertising vendors are a prime example of why automotive advertising agencies are turning to technology driven marketing platforms vs. individual applications to get more for less.

Choosing the Best Automotive

There is no denying the fact that the most excellent car should also be the safest. That is why every car needs the best automotive electrical kit. An automotive electrical kit is a kit that can turn a standard automobile into an electric car or more characteristically turn it into a mixture car. The rationale behind these kinds of cars is that they are well-liked and well-accepted plus they are energy-efficient and they trim down greenhouse gasses and decrease gas expenditures.

Some group of people has a false impression with reference to the conversion kits. These people suppose that they will trim down your automotive presentation. In actual fact, they do not have an effect on your car routine for the reason that they only translate energy that would have been squandered into electricity. This is then stocked up for use soon after. Consequently, to all intents and purposes, these cars are reprocessing waste power and not using up energy out of the locomotive.

On the other hand, the most essential principle still exists. It is still very luxurious to change a gas motorized car into an electric car fusion, attributable to all the supplementary elements that should be fitted with an automotive electrical kit. For example, you are supposed to call for an installation of a secondary, electric engine into the car, at the surface of the gas motorized engine.

But then, the much-better alternative to the automotive electrical kit is to try a hydrogen conversion kit. This is a change that changes the waste power into a chemical energy, and is then flamed accompanied by the gas. This functions on the same principle of using the waste energy of the car to produce more useful power, but it does not have a need of a secondary engine to use this power. The overloaded electricity as a substitute is employed to break up water into combustible gases. These are straight away inserted into the fuel concoction of the car, releasing more energy that the engine can use.

The conversion is very trouble-free to carry out. In actual fact, you do not even necessitate to pay money for a conversion kit. You are able to create the hydrogen gas converter personally, by the means of the not so expensive yet simple to purchase automotive electrical mechanism. To set it up into your engine is straightforward. There is a converter which is completed from economical components that you can get your hands on without any. Unlike an automotive electrical kit, if you notice that it cannot function for you, you can without difficulties do away with it and bring back your car to its innovative and original situation.

That is why you must take into account having automotive electrical kit today and be able to experience a journey that is away from any untoward breakdowns. There are also some tips that you can gain knowledge of form the different automotive electrical information and ideas. The online sites are available in order for you to become acquainted with the most essential details and ideas regarding safe road travel anytime, anywhere.

Chrysler Parts-A Legacy of Innovation

Chrysler was founded by a man who had a reputation for saving foundering companies. Walter Chrysler rose from the ranks to become the president of Buick. He resigned from his position and was hired by Willy’s Overland Motor Company to supervise the rehabilitation of its ailing operations. He did a similar job by turning around the Maxwell-Chalmers Company. In 1925, he purchased Maxwell’s assets to form the firm that still bears his name – Chrysler Corporation. Aside from the Chrysler marque, the Plymouth and DeSoto marques were created to cater to the low priced and medium priced ends of the market, respectively. Chrysler acquired The Dodge Brothers Motor Company and by spinning off Imperial as a separate luxury brand in 1955, Chrysler has assembled a five-brand lineup to compete with General Motors, which has a similar offering.

What sets Chrysler Corporation apart from other car manufacturers is its emphasis on automotive engineering rather than styling. Walter Chrysler supported engineering research and continued funding the department even through the Depression era. Because of this, Chrysler cars have been at the forefront of automotive engineering since Chrysler Six, Chrysler’s first car introduced in 1924. The Chrysler Six is touted by many as the first modern car, scoring several firsts in the industry such as an oil filter, air cleaner, high compression engine, four-wheel hydraulic brakes, and other advanced Chrysler parts. Innovation also resulted in part from the input of brilliant engineers throughout Chrysler’s history who invented those Chrysler parts and pushed the envelope of automotive engineering. The Three Musketeers, a trio of talented engineers composed of Frederick Zeder, Owen Skelton, and Carl Breer set the direction during Chrysler’s early years.

The Chrysler Corporation has gone through a series of financial difficulties, but it has always pulled through. The Plymouth and Dodge brands sustained the company during the Depression, when its introduction of the world’s first aerodynamic car, the Airflow, proved a failure. National recession again put the company in the red in 1957 but continuing innovations like the now-standard unibody helped the company recover. The 1970’s proved costly to Chrysler. Its big investment for a new full-body lineup went down the drain as demand for large vehicles plummeted during the first gas crisis in 1973. It was saved in turn by a spike in sales of its old but smaller compacts. Unsuccessful product launches and the second gas crisis would have killed Chrysler if not for the 1 billion dollars the government loaned in 1979 to bail out the company. With Lee Iacocca at the helm and with a new trio of talented car designers, the Gale-Herlitz-Creed team, Chrysler steadily recovered and became once again, a dominant force in the American automotive industry. in 1998, Chrysler merged with Daimler Benz to form the DaimlerChrysler AG company.

The Chrysler history is one in which innovation holds the key for long-term success. The passion for upgrading, refining, and looking for ways to improve Chrysler parts and Chrysler as a whole is what the company is all about. Chrysler parts like the air filter, transmission modulator, torque converter, and brake systems all contribute to make Chrysler what it is today. A car, after all, is a sum of its parts.

Should I Buy An Electric Car

We’ve all been told that electric cars are the way of the future, but are they really? Electric cars have been around as long as reciprocating engine cars have. The technology has been around for 100-years, so this is not a new alternative energy propulsion strategy for the automobile. One thing many people don’t understand is that if everyone was driving an electric car, we’d have a severe shortage of electricity. Interestingly enough, we can’t even build enough solar and wind turbine generation to handle the increase electricity that America needs as it grows already.

So let me ask everyone; where does that leave the country on the supposed mandate for alternative energy vehicles? There were two very interesting articles in the LA times the week following the 2012 LA auto show;

1.) “Electric Vehicle Battery Firm’s Sale Raises Concern – Some Worry That a 123 System’s US Funded Technology Will End up in Chinese Hands,” by Julie Wernau, published on 12-6-2012.

2.) “Electric-car Maker Fisker Combs the World More Investors – barred from drawing down a federal loan it needs funds to launch a second model,” by Jerry Hirsch, published on 12-8-2012.

In the second article there was an interesting quote by an automotive industry analyst, she stated; “Whenever I see stories about private equity investing in auto companies, I cringe, they have no idea about how much capital they need.”

Okay, that’s a fair enough assessment, and she’s probably right. However, may I ask why that is? In other words, exactly why does it cost so much to start and automobile company in the United States? I would submit to you that the game is rigged, and it is filled with protectionism, unions, overregulation, and far too many lawsuits. Now that the United States government is backing General Motors and Chrysler, they have to make sure their investments don’t go South so they have to put up barriers to entry.

In the midst of keeping Indian and Chinese manufacturers out of our markets we are inadvertently making it impossible for us to come up with new technologies in this sector which would definitely help clean up the air with more efficient vehicles. Therefore, we are preventing innovative technologies from coming to market, and when those innovative companies fail, that technology ends up in foreign hands. In the case of the first article the A123 battery company had received huge amounts of DOE grants and guaranteed taxpayer loans to get going. Did they ever have a chance?

The better question would be; are electric cars really the way of the future? Apparently, not yet, and maybe next time we should wait for the free market to decide. At some point we need to learn our lessons and stop intervening in free markets. If something is economically viable and you can make a profit, and the people truly want and desire it therefore willing to pay the price, and if it makes sense, it will be. If not, it won’t, intervening will just prove the latter, sooner or later. Please consider all this and think on it.

Used Cars in Germany

Germany is one of the best car manufacturer countries besides Japan, Italy, France, U.K and USA. There are a lot of common names such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Opel and Porsche. The history of German Automobiles began in 1870 when Karl Benz and his colleague Nikolaus Otto set to start to make some experiment for car engines and the design of the vehicle that being the origin of modern cars.

Nevertheless, the German automotive industry has experienced the decline period when the “Great Depression” occurred during the late 1920s and early 1930s. And that was the saddest day for the history of the automotive world in Germany. After the “Great Depression” ended, only about a dozen German car manufacturers that survived. Ford Cologne factory, Opel and Daimler Benz were the small group which survived, and also Horch, Dampf Kraft Wagen, Audi and Wanderer.

To raise the living standards of German citizens, the Nazi Party that was in charge at that time made policy on transport in order to the Nazi party gained a good reputation from the German citizens that called Motorisierung. This policy took over the Volkswagen car company to made cheap cars and affordable for all social groups in Germany but did not reduce the quality of its vehicle.

Approximately, six million new cars produced each year in Germany, meanwhile about 4.9 million vehicles produced each year by the German brands abroad. In last decades, Japan car manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi always being a strong contender for the German automakers. One reason why Japan cars are being a strong contender for German automakers is because of the price relatively cheap than European or the U.S brands.

If you are looking for quality and prestige but you don’t have enough budgets to buy a new one, buying used cars Germany is the right option for you. There are a lot of options to choose used cars Germany from various brands, such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Here are the good choices for you to buy used cars Germany from the three most popular German automakers:

Mercedes Benz

Being a pioneer in the modern automotive world, Mercedes-Benz is the most famous product brand than other German automakers. For example, there are two Mercedes-Benz products that are affordable and have good quality:

  • Mercedes Benz R-Class is an SUV with various combination concepts between the luxury of minivan and SUV. The R350 powered by V6 3500cc engine while R500 Series powered by V8 5000cc engine. Mercedes Benz R-Class equipped with many features such as safety, multimedia and comfort.
  • Mercedes Benz M-Class is one of the most wonderful and deluxe SUVs ever in the world. And it became “Best New Sport Utility Vehicle” in the 2006 Canadian Car of the Year awards. This car powered by 3500 cc 3.5 liters V6 front engine with 92.9 mm bore, 10.7 compression ratio, 86.0 mm stroke, double overhead cam, four valves per cylinder and variable valve timing/camshaft. This car also equipped by stability control and Blue Tec diesel technology.


Founded in 1916 with the name; Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). Over the years, BMW is well known as one of the best car and motorcycle manufacturers in the world. There are two BMW products that are affordable yet have good quality:

  • BMW 125i Convertible is a mini sedan car that has good performance of speed and handling. It becomes the king of convertible mini sedan. This car powered by 2996cc V6 front engine.
  • BMW X3 is a compact luxury SUV with very good performance because this car uses four-wheel drive (4WD) that allows you to use it in many different roads. Since 2006, BMW X3 used in Dakar Rally competition. This car powered by 3001cc V6 with twin turbo charged diesel engine.


Audi is also well known as one of the top reputation saloon car manufacturers. The four rings logo symbolized as four car manufacturers merged; DKW, the Audi, Horch and Wanderer. There are two Audi products that are affordable and have good quality as well:

  • Audi A4 is an innovative car for longer use with great design and engine. It’s the winner of “Golden Steering Wheel” award in 2008 as the best vehicle in its class. This car powered by 3196cc V6 front wheel drive.
  • Audi TT is the car with exciting appearance, both design and interior. This car powered by 1999cc 4 cylinder engine, and four-wheel drive (4WD). Maybe this car is the best in selecting used cars Germany, because Audi TT has been honored with a lot of awards; Car of the Year 2006, Drive Car of the Year 2006, Coupe of the Year 2006, World Design Car of the Year 2007andAutobild Most Beautiful Car2007 as well as being a finalist for World Car of the Year.